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Restore any arbitrary ParameterStore value or hierarchy of values to a point in time in the past.

Restoring a single parameter#

Target a single parameter and select from a history of values. Select the value you want to make current.

    figgy config restore --env dev

Restoring to a point in time.#

Figgy enables restoring a single parameter or hierarchy of parameters to a specific point in time. Parameters that have differing state between now and the targeted point in time will be deleted and rebuilt from scratch. To ensure proper version history, all parameter change events will be replayed up until targeted point in time.


  • Users may only restore parameter hierarchies they have access to
  • Parameters that are replication destinations (so their source of truth is elsewhere) will be skipped. Instead the source-of-truth should be restored.
  • Users performing restores must have access to the KMS keys used for each restored parameter.

Typically, it is recommended that administrators or power-users perform large-scale hierarchical restorations.

    figgy config restore --env dev --point-in-time