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Synchronizes your defined figgy.json configurations with those in Parameter Store. This ensures the proper configurations exist in the targeted run environment for your application and notifies you of any detected errors. If sync passes, you can expect your build to pass the Parameter Store validation step that should be incorporated into your CICD pipeline.

  • Ensures that all app_figs are present in Parameter Store and prompts you to add any missing parameters.
  • Validates and configures config replication as defined in your figgy.json. This configuration will automatically replicate any changes from your defined sources to your defined destinations.
  • Validates defined shared figs are present in Parameter Store.

If you do not provide the --config option to specify the location of your figgy.json, figgy will search in these locations for a figgy.json file automatically.

For details on how to configure your figgy.json, see: Declarative Configuration



Add Missing Parameters#


Detect Stray Figs#


Sync with --replication-only#