Updating Figgy

Figgy Cloud is versioned and released similarly to the FiggyCLI. Future versions of the FiggyCLI may contain features that require updates to your FiggyCloud installation. As such, when installing Figgy Cloud, it's important fork the root Figgy Cloud repository and maintain your own version. During your installation you should commit your configuration changes to your organization's git repository.

Maintaining your own Fork will simplify merging updates from the root Figgy Cloud repository. To merge the latest updates, first pull your latest changes from the master branch. This branch will always maintain the latest stable version of Figgy. If desired, you may also target previous versions of Figgy Cloud by release tag.

    git pull https://github.com/figtools/figgy.git master

Don't forget to check the release notes to see if you need to add new configuration parameters to take advantage of new features!

Once you have merged your changes, re-run the standard Terraform plan & apply process you ran when originally provisioning Figgy. Check the release notes and verify the shown changes appear to correspond with expectations defined in the release notes.

Here's what a workflow would look like:

terraform init
terraform workspace select bastion
terraform apply -var-file=vars/bastion.tfvars
terraform workspace select dev
terraform plan -var-file=vars/dev.tfvars
terraform apply -var-file=vars/dev.tfvars
terraform workspace select qa
terraform plan -var-file=vars/qa.tfvars
terraform apply -var-file=vars/qa.tfvars
terraform workspace select prod
terraform plan -var-file=vars/prod.tfvars
terraform apply -var-file=vars/prod.tfvars

You get the drift. Make sure to use your appropriate Terraform workspace names you selected when originally installing Figgy.