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Figgy Sandbox#

The Figgy sandbox is the perfect place to have a fling with Figgy without the long-term commitment so many tools require 😏. The Figgy sandbox is configured as a Bastion deployment across 5 different AWS accounts.

The Figgy sandbox has been pre-populated with Fig Trees (See - Figgy Concepts). Feel free to take Figgy for a nice long walk through our Fig Orchard 🌴. Get to know Figgy, our Fig Trees, and all the little Figs you can find across our sandbox AWS accounts. Don't worry, you can't hurt Figgy or the Fig Orchard, we grow a new beautiful Sandbox Fig Orchard every night 😆.

Don't forget: Install Figgy First

Login to the Sandbox#

figgy login sandbox

Follow the prompts, select your user role:

  • DevOps (Highest privilege)
  • DBA / DATA
  • SRE / DEV (Lowest privilege)

No single role can do everything, so feel free to try different roles!


To demonstrate the event-driven nature of Figgy, changes you make in the Figgy Sandbox will be broadcast to people browsing this page!


You can always run figgy --help or figgy config --help to see what Figgy can do

Basics 1: Get a fig#

figgy config get --env dev

Get a config, any config, from our DEV environment. Depending on the config you select you may or may not have access to that configuration.

Basics 2: Store a fig#

figgy config put --env dev

Store a new configuration in our DEV environment.

Basics 3: Browse the Fig Orchard#

figgy config browse --env stage

Browse the Fig Orchard to see what's out there.

Basics 4: Slice & Dice the Fig Orchard#

figgy config list --env prod

And so much more. See our Commands section to see all figgy can offer!