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Setup Guide

A working Figgy installation has two main parts:

  • Figgy Cloud
  • Figgy CLI

Setup in your organization requires setting up Figgy Cloud first. If you're still evaluating Figgy and don't want to go through the trouble of installing Figgy Cloud, you can experiment with Figgy through our free Sandbox. The Sandbox is a hosted Figgy Cloud installation designed for public experimentation and consumption. Once you're ready to adopt Figgy, continue below:

Figgy Cloud#

Figgy Cloud is a suite of services that "keep the trains running on time" in your AWS accounts. These services maintain the integrity of your configuration tree, support the FiggyCLI, and provide facilities for configuration backup and restoration. Deploying Figgy starts with deploying Figgy Cloud, and to do so, you will need to decide what type of Figgy Cloud deployment makes the most sense for your organization. Below you'll find explanations of the different deployment options.

I'm ready to pick the right Figgy Cloud for me!

Figgy CLI#

The FiggyCLI is a CLI utility that integrates with your SSO provider and Figgy Cloud installation to provide users with fundamental Figgy functionality needed for their day-to-day workflow. FiggyCLI is simple to install but requires a Figgy Cloud backend for to work in your organization.

Configuring Figgy CLI#

Configuring the Figgy CLI is as simple as running.

figgy --configure

You will be guided through configuration. Before running --configure you'll need to know what type of authentication you'll be using: Bastion, Google SSO, or OKTA SSO. See Figgy Deployment

Distributing Figgy#

If you are rolling Figgy out across an organization it might be easiest to auto-configure some sane defaults for users. Sane defaults can be written to the figgy defaults file: ~/.figgy/config. Users will be presented with options to keep or override any defaults defined in the ~/.figgy/config file when running figgy --configure. Without this optional defaults file, users will be prompted to manually enter all configurations required by your selected Figgy Cloud installation below:

All configs listed below are optional. Feel free to remove items irrelevant to your deployment.

File: ~/.figgy/config

mfa_enabled = true
auto_mfa = false
colors_enabled = true
report_errors = true
aws_region = us-east-1

app_link =
factor_type = GOOGLE

identity_provider_id = N0tre9le3
service_provider_id = 12345678010

profile = bastion-sandbox-devops