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Figgy supports a simple slack webhook integration that can be easily enabled or disabled on a per-account basis. Each integrated Figgy account can distribute notifications to different channels as desired. To enable the integration, generate a valid webhook url (or multiple URLs if you want to integrate different channels per account).

Slack has a guide HERE

Once you have your Slack webhook URLs ready, you will want to set the appropriate webhook url in each figgy/terraform/vars/{env}.tfvars file. Next re-run terraform apply for each Terraform workspace associated with each Figgy-integrated account. Behind the scenes Figgy will update a parameter in AWS Parameter Store at the path: /figgy/integrations/slack/webhook-url. You can check this parameter value to validate successful configuration.

It can take up to 15 minutes for newly configured webhooks to write to Slack channels. A local cache must expire first.

Simply unset the Terraform webhook_url variable for any accounts you do not want to integrate with Slack.

Types of Slack Notifications:#

Successful Fig replication:#

Successful Fig replication messages will be pushed to Slack in the following scenarios:

  • An existing configuration configured as a source of replication has been updated and therefore was synchronized with all configured downstream figs.
  • A previously un-shared configuration has been configured as a replication source and hsa been replicated to the configured destination.

Virtually never, but potentially:

  • A source and destination were detected as out-of-sync and were resynchronized by a background process that looks for configurations in bad state.

This final scenario should never occur except in extremely rare circumstances where either a bug has been introduced into Figgy, or an external environmental factor has affected Figgy's ability to maintain state, such as running out of Lambda concurrency availability in your AWS account and are being significantly throttled.

Configuration Deleted:#

Any configuration that has been deleted from ParameterStore will result in a push notification to Slack with the following information.

  • Fig name, i.e. /app/hello-world/log-level
  • ID of user who performed the delete.
  • Environment where the delete was performed.

To disable these events, set the fig: /figgy/integrations/slack/notify-deletes to a value of false