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Live Demo Series#

Part 1: Figgy Basics - For Developers#

Part 2: Figgy Basics - Secure Secret Management#

Getting Started#

Got 15 minutes or less? I can't save you on car insurance, but you can complete our quick-and-easy Figgy Demo & Walkthrough.

Learn these core Figgy concepts:#

  • Use the Figgy CLI to log in and swap between up to 5 different AWS Accounts.

  • Impersonate a "Secret Owner" and store some super-secret credentials.

  • Run a local Docker (or non-docker) application and watch Figgy's libraries infer your configuration dependencies straight from your source code.

  • Synchronize your local config state with remote configurations stored in AWS.

  • Promote your remote configs from lower environments to higher environments to simulate rolling out your application.

  • And more! It's all free. Experiment in the Figgy sandbox spanning 5 separate AWS accounts!


Check out these pages to learn more about Figgy!

  1. Figgy Basics
  2. Figgy Concepts
  3. User Guides